Former Trump Adviser Caputo: ‘Of Course’ I Don’t Consider Russia‘a Hostile Foreign Power’

‘I think Donald Trump wants to have better relations with every country’


CAMEROTA: “Do you consider Russia a hostile foreign power?”
CAPUTO: “Of course not. When I heard that on the show this morning, it raised an eyebrow. Unless I woke up and didn’t hear the news, we or not at war with Russia. I can remember when George W. Bush was trying to make things better with -- with -- in our relations. I remember Hillary Clinton giving a misspelled, you know, restart button to the foreign minister of the Russian Federation wanting to gain better relations. I think Donald Trump wants to have better relations with every country. I think we have an opening to have stronger relations, more peaceful relations, more productive relations, looking at things like ISIS and other important things with Russia." 

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