WaPo Reporter on Workers Ivanka Trump Employs: ‘They Work Exhausting Hours’

‘Many of the women in the Indonesia factory live apart from their children because they can’t afford to keep them with them’


VELSHI: "Americans have become accustomed to low priced goods for valid reasons. They're made in low wage countries but the president has made this a centerpiece. The 30 to 40% depending on what poll you believe of voters who continue to support the president in large part report they did so because he was bringing manufacturing jobs to America. This is a hard square to -- circle to square."
GOLD: "Right. Really what we heard from the apparel industry is there really aren't serious conversations about moving large scale apparel manufacturing back to the united States now. It's about trying to ensure for consumers that they feel comfortable that workers aren't being exploited in the making of their goods. So what we found was that iIvanka Trump's brand was actually lagging behind many in the industry when it comes to having oversight of those workers in foreign factories."
VELSHI: "We are talking about by the way various goods in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, China. This is -- there's no magic to this, the reason they're made in those countries I think anybody can figure this out is that they are remarkably low wages paid for factory workers in those countries."
GOLD: "Sure. And for some of these workers even those low wages can be an economic life line, but we did talk to many workers who also said they work exhausting hours. They can barely cover their monthly expenses. Many of the women in the Indonesia factory live apart from their children because they can't afford to keep them with them. So there are some real challenges facing the workers."

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