Kinzinger on If He Would Have Taken Russian Meeting: ‘Absolutely Not’

‘Certainly, I would not take a meeting with any kind of foreign intelligence agency’


BERMAN: "First point, just to clear this up, the President said many people would have taken that meeting. You, sir, congressman, would you have taken the meeting?"
KINZINGER: "No, absolutely not. There are a couple of points to this. Number one, there are some on the other side of the aisle that are really hysteric about this. We don’t know the full details. I’ve heard the word treason. This isn’t treason. On the other hand, to dismiss this and say anybody would have met with anybody, that may be the case if you have an e-mail that says, 'Hey, I have some information on your opponent.' But when you see that it is from the Russian government, courtesy of your friend Vladimir or whatever, that’s when you hit hard stop on that. That’s when I, frankly, if it would have happened to me I would call the FBI and say, 'Hey, this or that government is offering me information, do you want me to take this meeting as counterespionage or something?' But I certainly would not take a meeting with any kind of foreign intelligence agency."

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