Schiff: Jared Kushner Should Have His Clearance Reviewed and ‘Very Likely Revoked’

‘For anyone else they would absolutely have their security clearance revoked’


GOLODRYGA: "Congressman, of all the people that were participating in this meeting, one is currently tied to the administration. Paul Manafort no longer part of this team, and, obviously, Don Jr., a private citizen as well, working with the Trump company. Jared Kushner, given what we now know, do you think that he should have his security clearance revoked?" 
SCHIFF: "Certainly it doesn’t appear that a lot of the meetings that he participated in and the discussions that are alleged to have taken place weren’t disclosed during his background check process. I would presume that from just the open source reporting. If that’s the case, then I think he should have his security clearance reviewed and very likely revoked."

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