CNN’s Stelter: Trump Using Twitter to ‘Tear Down News Outlets He Doesn’t Like’

‘He’s using this powerful platform that could be used as a force for good to tear down news outlets he doesn’t like’

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STELTER: "Modern day presidential. I see what he’s getting at here. A lot of people think he should cut back on Twitter. Imagine if you would reply to average Americans and their conditions. Imagine if he used these social networking platforms to communicate to people on a one to one basis. The president doesn’t do that. What he does is blast the media again and again, tells people they can’t trust the nation’s top news outlets. He implies they can only trust him and maybe the hosts on fox. I used to call in as a candidate quite often to television shows. He has stopped doing that. A lot dates back to the James Comey firing. Back in may when he made the decision to fire Comey, he had an interview on the books with Lester holt. So he went through with that interview. Since then he’s had no interviews except for a couple on Fox News. It’s coming up on a couple months now where he’s not doing interviews, nor has he had a press conference where reporters can ask him about issues like veterans care or health care. He’s had one of those joint conferences with foreign leaders where he only takes a couple of questions. But he’s skipped that opportunity this week when he had the leader of South Korea in town and the head of India. We’ve seen this president kind of isolate himself or insulate himself, not taking questions from reporters. Frankly, not even engaging with individuals on Twitter. Instead, he’s using this powerful platform that would be used as a force for good to tear down news outlets he doesn’t like.

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