CNN’s Acosta Again Tears into Trump for ‘Eroding the Traditions’ of W.H. Press Coverage

‘— In addition to this briefing being off-camera today, the President is also eroding the expectations, eroding the traditions of covering the President of the United States here in Washington’

CNN’s Acosta Again Tears Into Trump For ‘Eroding the Traditions’ of White House Press Coverage (Mediaite)

The White House press corps has undoubtedly been frustrated with the drastically reduced amount of access in recent weeks. But without rival, no one has been more outspoken with his criticism than CNN’s Jim Acosta.

In advance of Press Secretary Sean Spicer‘s latest off-camera briefing Monday, Acosta let it rip once again — as he absolutely blasted President Donald Trump, Spicer, and the White House as a whole on a variety of subjects.

He began with the latest Tweets from Trump faulting former President Barack Obama for a lack of action after finding out about Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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