Fmr. Obama State Dept. Spox: We Were Worried About ‘Looking Too Partisan’ with Tough Russian Response

‘We were worried legitimacy about provoking the Russians to do more to try to change vote tallies’

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MacCALLUM: "Former chairman of the house intelligence committee and the former advisor to the trump campaign and Marie hark former Obama spokesperson and Fox News contributor. A very big story and both of these turning the lens now on the Obama Administration. And how they handled the question of Russian meddling. You were in the administration at that time with all of these concerns, why is it that all President Obama did was shake a finger at Vladimir Putin and say you better cut it out or else. And then they removed 35 diplomats from Russian facilities.
HARF: "There was a lot of debate at the time inside the administration, you saw in the story that John Kerry and others pushed for more forceful and aggressive action. I do think that hindsight is 20/20, regional people can disagree about whether we should have done more. I will grant people that. We were worried about looking too partisan. We were worried legitimacy about provoking the Russians to do more to try to change vote tallies. What I’m worried as I read all these stories and look at what we did or didn’t do, what I’m focused on today, this administration is in power doing things to prevent it from happening again? I am not confident of that, are they correcting some of the mistakes they said we made."

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