MSNBC: New NBC-WSJ Poll Shows Americans Believe Comey Over Trump by 2 to 1 Margin

‘45 percent said that they believe Comey’


MELVIN: "Mark, start with you. What do the numbers tell us?"
MURRAY: "Craig, our poll asked who do you believe more? Do you believe the President Trump or James Comey? Forty-five percent said they believe Comey, 22 percent President Trump -- That's 2-1 margin in favor of Comey on that question, Craig."
MELVIN: "When we look at these numbers or did we look at it broken down in term of political party?"
MURRAY: "And -- and there is a very fascinating result by political party, Craig, where you have Democrats in the 70s aligned with James Comey. You have just 26 percent of Republicans who believe Comey. Independents break a little bit more Comey than to president Trump. But certainly very polarized and very consistent with other findings from our recent poll."

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