Bongino: To Tell Illegal They Can Live Off the Taxpayer Is Not the American Dream, It’s the American Nightmare

‘The American dream is hard work, learning the language’

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BONGINO: "Yeah, it is the law of the land. To all the liberals out there freaking out, I just want to send a strong message to you. This is a compassionate policy. The American dream is hard work, learning the language. I think back to a story I have told on this show before about my mother-in-law who came here as an immigrant from Colombia with nothing, zero, not a dime in her pocket. She worked hard. She learned the language. She taught her kids, she imbued in them this American dream, this embodiment of the American dream that when you work hard you can access American security. You could be safe and secure in a nice good quality home and get your kids good education. It worked out so unbelievably well for her. But teaching people they can come here and live off other American taxpayers, that’s an American nightmare, that's not the American dream."

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