Jack Keane: Russian ‘Rhetoric’ About Shooting Down Our Planes Is ‘Just Bluster’

‘The Russians are not going to shoot down a U.S. fighter airplane no matter what we do’


KEANE: "That’s exactly right. Then said whole Euphrates river valley as it goes into Iraq, they want to control that. But they recognize that what's going to happen is U.S.-led coalition forces have got to get ISIS out of there. And once we get ISIS out of there, those forces are not going to leave there. They're going to have to stay so ISIS doesn’t come back. That mean, the Iranians lose something that they believe they always had -- and that was Syria. They’re going to lose the eastern portion of Syria. Now let’s talk about Russia. The Russians are not going to shoot down a U.S. fighter airplane no matter what we do. They’re not going to do that. And here is the reason; the Russians are happier than they could possibly be. They propped up the Assad regime that was in a precarious situation in 2015. They established an air base in the Middle East, a permanent air base which is a strategic asset for them. If they shot down one of our airplanes, the United States would take down that entire air base. We have overwhelming combat power in the region. Multiple land bases, Bill, multiple sea platforms. We overwhelm the Russians in terms of combat power -- they know all of that. This rhetoric that's coming out of their mouth is from the minister of defense and it’s just bluster on their part."

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