Charlie Sykes Blasts Sean Hannity over Julius Caesar: ‘This Is Cringeworthy’

‘How many of these protesters have actually read this play?’

Charlie Sykes Blasts Sean Hannity Over Julius Caesar: ‘This is Cringeworthy’ (Mediaite

Morning Joe capped off a slow news day which included a discourse on the “realness” of White House men with a fiery discussion of Julius Caesar.

The Trump-inspired production which closed last night in New York City’s Shakespeare in the Park was interrupted again by protesters who insisted that the violence portrayed directly led to violence against Republicans like Steve Scalise who survived an attempt on his life last week.

“They are promoting again this notion that two wrongs make a right,” said former Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro. “The best way to fight against things that are bad are to do goods things, not to do equally bad things.”


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