Kirby: Iran Is Going After Opposition Forces Not ISIS

‘We do think that it was ISIS targets that they were going after’


KIRBY: “Well, so first of all, I mean, this isn't the first time Iran's struck into Syria. I think we need to all bear in mind what Iran's real goal here is. They are supporting Hezbollah fighters on the ground, they are very much backing the Assad regime. They have -- their main focus has been on going after opposition forces not ISIS. They claim this going after an ISIS cell that attacked them in Tehran. We do think that it was ISIS targets that they were going after. And look, you know, to the degree that there’s more dead ISIS targets -- I mean, that’s -- that's not a bad thing, but it is -- it is a far cry from saying that the Iranian action has been helpful in any way, in any way over any long period of time inside Syria. The other thing I think it’s important to note is, they did this without any -- any coordination at all. So, while luckily there was no other damage to anybody else in the area or in the air, you know, flying missiles from one state to another in busy air space is never a good thing.”

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