Judge Jeanine Blasts GOP: ‘Convince Us that You Are Not in on the Effort to Take Down’ POTUS

‘Do something, pass something, cut this kumbaya crap, put on your big boy pants and act like you are in power and give a damn’


PIRRO: "Where is the outrage where Shakespeare in the park a Donald Trump look alike is stabbed to death. Where is the outrage when the left savaged the right whether it be in Berkeley or a ballpark in Virginia. Instead establishment politicians agree to play ball. A metaphor for factly what’s — exactly what’s going on in warn. Where is the outrage when the left clouds with the press. Or James Comey leaks information to the press to get a literal comrade in arms during the bush Administration to do the deed. Special counsel is supposed to assess Comey’s credibility versus the president’s credibility. Would you say the conflict, would you say that’s an automatic disqualification given their personal and political relationship? And Mueller, you think he’s supporting people who also support Democrats, but dig deep into their pockets to give to the Democrats. One actually worked for the Clinton Foundation. You don’t think these people have an agenda. Listen up, Republicans. You are the ones in power. Where is the investigation of Bill Clinton meeting with the attorney general Loretta lynch days before her scheduled meeting with the F.B.I.? And days after that, the target Hillary comes out and says, I’ll keep Loretta lynch as attorney general. Talk about in your face, pay-to-play. Put Loretta lynch under oath and find out why no grand jury was even empanelled regarding our classified document? Possible diversion of our democracy. There is evidence Bill Clinton wanted to quash Hillary Clinton’s investigation. Certainly more than the pathetic we are going to find collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians. Where is the investigation of the Clinton Foundation, a criminal end prize. A hell of a lot more than the hope of finding collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians. You want to talk Russia? Let’s talk about Russia. Let’s talk about the sale of 20% of our uranium to Russia and Hillary Clinton signing off on the deal. The Clinton Foundation with that slush fund and Hillary Clinton receiving $140 million and bill Clinton getting twice and triple is Normal speech fee. You are empowered. Do something, pass something, cut this kumbaya wrap, put on your big boy pants and act like you are in power and give a damn. More importantly convince us that you are not in on the effort to take down the president of the United States. And that’s my open. Tell me what you think on my Facebook page or Twitter at #judgejeanine:"

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