Capitol Police: ‘We Did Engage in Gunfire with a Suspect’

‘The United States capitol police officers who were injured are in good condition and have not suffered any life threatening injuries at this point’

VERDEROSA: "Thank you, chief. I would like to first start off by thanking the Alexandria police, sheriff's office, fire department, the FBI, ATF and all of our federal law enforcement local partners who assisted in this response. Certainly, it's a very large response. It is going to take a while to sort through all of the details. My units of our Dignitary Protection Division were on site when we had — when the incident occurred. We did engage in gunfire with a suspect and we're assisted by the Alexandria police. The officers, the United States Capitol Police officers who were injured are in good condition and have not suffered any life-threatening injuries at this point. As we get more information, we will be working through the FBI and our local partners of the Alexandria police to provide more details as they become available, but at this point, I would like to turn over to the FBI."

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