Reporter to Labor Sec.: Apprenticeships Nothing More than ‘Indentured Servitude’

‘That is just factually wrong’


REPORTER: "My question is, where exactly do you see these apprenticeships, because most of the complaints against it is that it's for low-paying jobs and not the other higher education jobs that you need and that it amounts to nothing more than indentured servitude." 
ACOSTA: "That is just factually wrong. If you look at the Department of Labor data, the average starting salary for an apprentice is $60,000 per year, and that is higher than a college graduate. I was out in Michigan, I met with some of the apprentices at the Ford facility. They love it. They love it. Let me finish. They are excited about it, and they are being paid a very good wage. I should add that you see apprenticeships in white collar positions as well. There are a number of firms that we are talking to that are looking at it for areas like bookkeeping and accounting." 

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