Rove to Trump: ‘Stop Talking About the Things You Don’t Want To Be Talking About’

‘Stop talking about the Russian investigation’


ROVE: "Well, first of all, stop talking about the things you don’t want to be talking about, the Russian investigation and so forth. You have Jeff Sessions testify because of questions about — James Comey strangely said he was not aware of the parameters of Jeff Sessions’ recusal. What's weird about that is, on March 2nd, James Comey was one of six people at the Justice Department that got an e-mail from Sessions' chief of staff that said that the Attorney General was recusing himself and should not be briefed on any matter having to do with any current investigation or future investigation that involved the campaigns for president of the United States, which is pretty clear to me. 'Don’t come and talk to me about anything that has to do with the 2016 presidential race, whether it was Hillary's or Trump's or the overall content.' He wants to set the record straight." 

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