CNN’s Kate Bolduan Corners Rick Perry Over Obama Border Conspiracy Theory

‘I mean, you’re suggesting there’s some kind of conspiracy here’

CNN’s Bolduan Corners Rick Perry over Obama Border Conspiracy Theory (Mediaite)

Governor Rick Perry floated a theory last weekend that the Obama administration was somehow “in on” the accruing border crisis, wondering how so many immigrants could make it from Central America to the border without a “highly coordinated effort.” On Thursday morning, CNN’s Kate Bolduan asked him if he still believed this following his meeting last night with PresidentBarack Obama.

“I mean, you’re suggesting there’s some kind of conspiracy here,” Bolduan said.

“No,” Perry replied. “What I’m suggesting is that this administration and their words and their actions, or the lack thereof, are part of the problem. I think you’re putting the words of ‘conspiracy’ in my mouth, which I did not say.”

“No, you actually did say the word, ‘I hate to be conspiratorial, but…’” Bolduan said.

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