Manchin: Flynn’s Ties to Russia, Turkey ‘Troubling’; ‘This Is Not the Michael Flynn’ I Knew

‘This is not the Michael Flynn I knew before, from what I’m hearing and seeing and also his “for hire” type attitude’


MANCHIN: "We did not know the financial ramifications of this and his financial well-being, if you will. That was not given up front. We’re starting to find that and pulling that out as we see records come out. It’s all troubling, especially putting him at the highest level that he was. And they intended to keep him there. That was not something that was comforting for any of us. And we’re waiting to get Michael before us. I mean, I knew Mike Flynn when he was in his capacity at the Department of Defense, always a good person to work with, had no problem whatsoever. I can’t tell you what happened. This is not the Michael Flynn I knew before, from what I’m hearing and seeing, and also his ‘for hire’ type attitude. It’s one thing to want to go out and make a living for your family. It’s another thing to do it and jeopardize the well-being of the United States of America."

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