MSNBC’s Toure: Conservatives Have Been Successful at ‘Demonizing Immigrants’

‘They’ve been also successful for decades using the culture wars, and especially demonizing immigrants’

MSNBC’s Toure: Conservatives Have Been Successful at ‘Demonizing Immigrants’ (NewsBusters)

The folks on MSNBC's The Cycle have gone on the offensive regarding immigration, moving from defending President Obama to bashing the supposed bigotry that exists on the right, naturally. On the July 9 edition of program, the panel and guest Eric Schneiderman of Salon were virtually unanimous in their criticism of the Republican Party on immigration.

Toure pointed to what he believed is a contradiction within the Republican Party: that the business community which generally supports Republicans tends to be pro-immigration reform, while the base largely opposes such reform. He them attempted to explain this dilemma by accusing the right of bigotry.

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