Comey on Kushner’s Sought After ‘Back Channel’ with Russia: ‘The Primary Risk Is Obvious’

‘You spare the Russians the cost and effort of having to break into our communication channels’


HEINRICH: "And as we look at that testimony or as communication from both of you, we should probably be looking for consistency?"
COMEY: "Well, in looking at any witness, you look at consistency, demeanor, record over time that sort of thing."
HEINRICH: "Thank you. So there are reports that the incoming Trump Administration either during the transition and/or after the inauguration attempted to set up a sort of back-door communication channel with the Russian government using their infrastructure, their devices or facilities. What would be the risks, particularly for a transition, someone not actually in the office of the president yet to setting up unauthorized channels with a hostile foreign government especially if they were to evade foreign American intelligence services?"
COMEY: "I'm not going to comment on whether that happened in an open setting, but the risk is primary risk is obvious. You spare the Russians the cost and effort of having to break into our communication channels by using there's and sow make it a whole lot easier for them to capture all of your conversations and to use those to the benefit of rush against United States."

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