Michael Eric Dyson: ‘Is Compassionate Conservatism Dead?’

‘Text “A” for yes. Text “B” for no’

Michael Eric Dyson On 'The Ed Show': 'Is Compassionate Conservatism Dead?' (NewsBusters)

Michael Eric Dyson successfully filled in for Ed Schultz on the June 8 edition of The Ed Show by continuing the tradition of blaming America’s problems on Republicans and ranting about their heartlessness. For this show, Dyson chose to focus his opening monologue on blasting “the party that claims to believe in family values and Christian charity” that also calls for Obama to tighten border security and deport illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Dyson stated that “maybe it's time for people of faith to come forward to show conservatives what true compassion means.” He completed his attack on conservative devotion to religion by asking his liberal viewers to text their answer to his poll question “is compassionate conservatism dead?”

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