Trump: The ‘Coal Miners Are Happy; They Like Trump’

‘We are going to have clean, trump. We are going to have clean, beautiful air, clean, beautiful crystal water’

TRUMP: "We are pleased to be joined today by representatives from many many industries that depend on a truly critical component of our nations infrastructure, the 12,000 miles of inland waterways. We have farmers, coal miners. And by the way, those coal miner are are happy. (Applause) Coal miners, oh, they like Trump. (Applause) They like Trump! The same with steel workers, and oil workers. We have taken those restrictions on those terrible regulations off your companies. We are going to have clean, beautiful air, clean, beautiful crystal water. But you're going to have your jobs also. You’re going to have your jobs. (Applause) Maybe more than ever before. So I want to salute each of you for the work that you have done and maybe more importantly for the work that you are about to do because it is going to be a beautiful thing. You watch! These citizens know firsthand that the rivers like like the beautiful Ohio river carry the lifeline of our heartland." 

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