Julie Pace: Trump’s Leaning Towards Not Invoking Exec. Privilege on Comey

‘Still an open discussion’

PACE: "I — well, I think there are a couple reasons. I think, one, it actually is a discussion because they are worried about what Comey could potentially say, but they also recognize that if you do invoke executive privilege, just the optics of that makes it look like you’re hiding something, makes it look like whatever Comey might say is going to be problematic for the president. They think they have a little bit of a wiggle room here. I think if they don’t invoke executive privilege and Comey does say something that is damaging to the president, what you’re going to hear administration officials point out is that in previous testimony that Comey has — has done on Capitol Hill, the FBI has had to correct it. There have been questions about things that he said. I think that’s the argument that they’re going to be starting to make. But, again, leaning toward “no.” Still an open discussion."

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