Rep. Meeks on Merkel’s Comments: ‘If I Was in Europe, I Would Be Very Concerned Also’

‘They are all very concerned, and it’s based upon words that the president have stated’


MEEKS: "He has — also has a refused to acknowledge and look at the EU as a whole. He's not getting involved in the climate change — we'll see what happens, but he did not commit to staying with the climate change treaty so it seems as though all those things, all the multi-lateral agreements, he's talked bad about the WTO, all of the multi-lateral agreements that we've entered into, which our allies in Europe and NATO have been so tied in, those are the things that he wants to get out of, and so, therefore, if I was in Europe, I would be very concerned also. I'm headed there for a transatlantic legislative dialogue with other parliamentarians, and I know from my other travels there, I'm the lead Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee on Europe, they are all very concerned, and it's based upon words that the President have stated."

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