Walid Phares: Trump’s Riyadh Speech the ‘Absolute Right Thing To Do’ But It’s 8-10 Years Late

‘I am confident that the president is leading the right track but we need to catch up’


PHARES: "Actually, the President’s speech in Riyadh and all the declarations that were issued after that is the absolute right thing to do. But it is 8 to 10 years late, meaning had we done that in the years that followed 9/11 or at least immediately after the Arab spring, that is to address the Arab and Muslim world to ask them to form a coalition. The next day this conference in Riyadh declared they’ll put an army of 34,000 troops, they declared the same day that they are launching this counter extremist center. These are measures that we should have done years ago. I am confident that the President is leading the right track but we need to catch up. We need to catch up, the Arab governments need to catch up. We’ll be attacked until we’re ready to counter strategically."

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