Scarborough: Mike Pence Is Either ‘Sucker’ and a ‘Dupe’ for Trump or He’s a ‘Liar’

‘We are faced with two options when it comes to Mike Pence’

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Joe Scarborough: Mike Pence Either ‘Sucker’ or ‘Liar’ (Mediaite)

Joe Scarborough had tough words for Vice President Mike Pence, who has repeatedly defended President Donald Trump in the wake of numerous controversies, only to have his statements undermined by the president.

Scarborough’s comments were in light of an NBC News report that, while former national security advisor Michael Flynn told the White House he was under investigation for foreign conflicts before taking the job, Pence was never informed.

Pence would go on to defend Flynn on television, denying allegations he had contacts with Russian officials. When it was proven otherwise, Flynn resigned, with the White House claiming he misled the Vice President.

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