Limbaugh Destroys Chelsea Clinton’s Claim That She Doesn’t Care About Money

‘She was paid six hundred thousand dollars for this. That’s quite a lot of money to a woman who doesn’t care about money’

Limbaugh Eviscerates Chelsea Clinton's Laughable Claim That She Doesn't Care About Money (NewsBusters)

You'd think the Clintons would have learned by now that if they keep lobbing meatballs over the plate, Rush Limbaugh will keep cranking them out of the park.

Latest example of that delightful dynamic occurred after it was reported in the New York Daily News that Chelsea Clinton claims she is -- sigh -- indifferent toward money. Yes, the same Chelsea Clinton who, along with equally indifferent hubby, paid $10 million and change for swanky digs in NYC's Gramercy Park. The same Chelsea Clinton who was renumerated to the tune of $600,000 for a sporadic reporting gig at NBC News, despite paltry experience in journalism and while jobs in the industry go the way of the blacksmith.

Few things more quickly incur Limbaugh's wrath than dissembling from the Clintons, but after Hill's ludicrous claim that she and Bill were "dead broke" after they left the White House and struggled to pay mortgages on their mansions, Chelsea's positively Clintonian claim was more than Limbaugh could take, and he cut loose.

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