Charles Barkley: Spend Some Time with a Muslim Family So You Know What They’re About

‘And same thing with the undocumented immigrants’

BARKLEY: "I'm not trying to change anybody's mind. But we say this one lady, she is amazing, is he goes crazy on me because her son she said was beaten to death by the cops. And I said I always supported the cops. I said to a certain degree. I don't want everybody to think they do things perfect. But I wanted people to see her face and her pain. That was really important for me to show that. And also we talk about the Muslims -- Muslim religion. But I don't even know any Muslims like that. And I wanted people to spend some time around a Muslim family and so they can see these are actually real people. And same thing with the undocumented immigrants. I spent a day with them, and they have been here over 20 something years, work four and five jobs, the mom and dad, the three kids, like straight a students. And they don't drive, they don't go out at night. They have a system where they talk to each other every hour to make sure something hasn't happened."

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