Rick Tyler: You Can’t Get the Senate to Pass Anything When You’re a 40 Percent President

‘Congress isn’t going to pass something that only has 17% support’


SCARBOROUGH: “He's at 40 percent which will be great if he runs for re-election in the Republican primary. How do you get the Senate to pass anything if you’re a 40 percent president?”
TYLER: “You can’t, and then you have a health care bill at 17 percent approval rating. You're never going to pass something like that through the House. Congress isn’t going to pass something that only has 17 percent support. This bill makes some changes, but there’s been no conversation with the country, there's been no vision laid out of what they want to do. If you have a president with low approval ratings and you have a remedy with low approval ratings, I don’t know how you move things.”

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