Michael Tomasky: College Liberals Consider Free Speech a ‘Bourgeois Value’

‘They don’t value free speech that much’


MATTHEWS: "There’s money in this. She’s getting paid. This isn’t just the local Republican club has asked you to come out as a kindness. She’s getting a bundle for this."
TOMASKY: "You do now. Yeah, you get paid a lot now. Look, I think that, you know, this generation, the younger generation, this actually goes back on campuses, on elite campuses anyway. Interestingly, elite campuses, not really like land grant campuses. This goes back a number of years."
MATTHEWS: "What, the idea you can shut down —"
TOMASKY: "Yes. It’s been happening for a while. Jean Kirkpatrick got blood flung on her, I think. I can’t remember when that was. Maybe in the ‘90s or something like that. They don’t value free speech that much. They consider free speech to be kind of a bourgeois value, and they’re more interested in —"
MATTHEWS: "Who are these people who think that?"
TOMASKY: "Well, I don’t know. Just kids — college kids on the left."

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