Jeremy Bash on North Korea: ‘We’re a Long Way from the Crisis Being Defused’

‘China also controls the very long land border between north Korea and China’


BASH: "But in general, they have a lot of economic influence in Pyongyang. It’s not just coal ships. They are essentially the economic lifeline for the regime there. That is a way that they could squeeze the governing elite in the North Korean regime, it's a way to crack down on their access to luxury goods and other things that they seek. I thought it was very interesting in the press conference last week, the President characterized the situation in North Korea as going very well. He said, 'We’re happy to report that things are working out quite nicely.' I thought that was a little Pollyannish. Almost as if the president is looking for a way out saying, 'The crisis has been defused, everybody. Don't worry. I took care of it. I think we’re a long way away from this crisis being defused."

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