Huckabee: Trump and Xi Jinping Don’t Need to Like Each Other, They Just Have to Respect Each Other

‘The Chinese realized they are dealing with a very serious person’

HUCKABEE: "It’s clear that he built a relationship with the Chinese president and I think the other thing is, just before dessert, when the President said, ‘By the way, we just put 59 Tomahawks on the ground in Syria,’ the Chinese realized they are dealing with a very serious person. But I believe it’s a matter of respect. They don’t have to like each other, they just have to respect each other and believe that each means what they say. It’s very significant that the Chinese have left North Korea in isolation. This is huge, or as Donald Trump might say, 'Yuge!' It’s a very big thing. It's a big thing and it really does give North Korea a sense of being utterly isolated from anyone else in the world. That is a positive development and one that frankly bodes well for being able to do something that will contain North Korea and its utterly fanatical leader."

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