Reporter to Spicer: Will Tougher Sanctions ‘Motivate’ Iran to ‘Violate’ Nuke Deal?

‘Sanctions have been an effective tool in many cases’


CHAMBERS: "Back on Iran and the State Department’s letter to Congress, there’s been some talk about stricter sanctions on Iran for the ballistic missile tests and state finance of terror. Are you concerned that tougher sanctions on Iran would motivate it to violate the nuclear deal?"
SPICER: "Well, obviously any action that we would take, if we did, is something that gets vetted through the interagency process and all of those kind of considerations are taken in terms of trying to achieve the effect that we want. Sanctions have been an effective tool in many cases and I think that, as we mentioned, a lot of times the President doesn’t telegraph what action he's going to take. As we conduct a review of options available in this situation, we’ll go through the interagency process and have different entities weigh-in."

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