Varney: Trump Is Trying to ‘Restore the Dignity’ of Those Who Work with Their Hands

‘People who work with their hands, they’ve been denigrated for a couple of generations’


VARNEY: "I think what the president is trying to do is restore the dignity of work, people who work with their hands. They’ve been denigrated for a couple of generations. I mean, your Snap-on Tools gentleman who was on this show --"
HENRY: "Yes."
VARNEY: "-- earlier today about an hour ago. He said, look, we've been told that you got to have a four-year college degree to acquire and get into the American dream."
HENRY: "Right."
VARNEY: "That is nonsense. That’s denigrating people who work with their hands. The president wants to reverse that. He’s going to go for more vocational schools, and he’s saying they’re good jobs. We need more welders and electricians, and people who work with their hands, and it is good work. It's not to be denigrated."

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