Lisa Boothe: Terrorists Are Coming in over the Southern Border

‘Individuals with known terrorist ties were apprehended at the southern border’

BOOTHE: "That's smart and that's right. And all the administration is doing is following the laws in the book so if Congress doesn't like it, they need to change the laws. In regards to Ethan's point with all due respect, Secretary Kelly was general of the southern command so this is the guy who's intimately familiar with the threats along the southern border. So I trust his judgment in this and there has been reports that Texas top law enforcement agency, warning Texas lawmakers about the fact that individuals with known terrorist ties were apprehended at the southern border according to the Department of Homeland Security, a report that they issued. Thousands of individuals at the southern border that had ties to countries that were state sponsors of terrors. This is absolutely a time of threat where terrorism is rampant and ISIS has been growing foothold around the world."

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