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09/03/2021: Huge! Grabien Announces Release of New CityMonitor Tool
Media colleagues —
We’re absolutely amped to announce the latest addition to Grabien’s production suite, The CityMonitor, a feature under development for almost two years now.
Like the NewsMonitor, the... Read more...
04/23/2021: Introducing ... The Pub
A note from Grabien’s founder, Tom Elliott:
Today I'm excited, and proud, to announce the launch of The Pub, a news-oriented social network. The Pub adapts the model that's proven successful for Grabien, a B2B news-prep... Read more...
01/14/2021: Introducing: LiveShare!
Media colleagues —
Today we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of a major new addition to Grabien’s suite of production tools, LiveShare.
LiveShare is a unique live-streaming platform that enables broadcasters... Read more...
09/29/2020: Make Money with the #GrabienGoldenTicket
Just in time for tonight's debate, help us grow Grabien, and get paid. Like, legit paid.
If you have any friends, family, coworkers, bosses, interns, colleagues, ex-lovers, potential new bosses, potential new lovers — really... Read more...
04/24/2020: New Feature Friday: More Coverage, More Customizations, New Offer

Media Colleagues —
We’re excited to announce a few new things:
Grabien Enterprise clients have new options for customizing their accounts. On your ACCOUNT/OVERVIEW page, users can: add or remove logins on their account,... Read more...
03/27/2020: New Feature Friday: More Accurate Clipping, Text Reports, Clips Packs

Media colleagues —
First, we hope everyone is staying healthy and properly isolated, so that the flow of news will continue unimpeded.
Now, onto the latest round of updates:
New clipping tools. In response to... Read more...
02/14/2020: New Feature Friday: Better Gifs, SiriusXM, NewsLists

Media Colleagues —
We have a few new updates to announce:
Grabien’s gif creator has new options that make exporting gifs for social media much simpler (Twitter, for example, imposes a file size limit that... Read more...
02/07/2020: New Feature Friday: Syndicate Grabien News Posts, Make $$$

Hello Media Colleagues —
Three new features to announce today:
Online publishers can now syndicate any article appearing on Grabien News. Even better, these posts include an embedded ad, so that utilizing this content will... Read more...
01/10/2020: New Feature Friday: Audio —> Video

Happy New Year, media colleagues!
A couple of new features to announce:
— Grabien users can now convert audio files to video. This can be helpful for embedding clips in articles, and exporting clips to be uploaded to social... Read more...
12/06/2019: Introducing: The BatchClipper!
Media colleagues —
We're excited to announce the latest addition to Grabien's suite of video production tools: The BatchClipper.
If you work at a news outlet that creates montages and supercuts, your life is... Read more...
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